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Density with accelration

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    A 7.00 kg sphere of radius 5.00 cm is at depth of 1.20 km in seawater that has density 1025 kg/m^3.What is the magnitude and direction of the spheres accelreation if its free to move?
    i got to the part were i dont know what the mass of the sphere is help anyone please i tried f=ma no work
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    Um, isn't the mass of the sphere given, 7.00kg?
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    yes u are right thanks
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    Wasn't sure if you'd figured out your peoblem yet or not, but here goes...

    Find your weight (mg) and bouyancy forces (related to the volume of sea water displaced (ie volume of sphere using radius)) and you should be able to get acceleration and direction from your resultant force.
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