Dental drilling unit

  1. An ME I know uses a "dental drilling unit"(his name for it) to finish metal prototypes. He bought it used from his dentist and says it's the absolute best hand-controlled tool for fine work, and recommends it to anyone who uses Dremel-type tools for their work(me) or even hobbies, and needs more precision. It uses compressed air, not electricity, and has much more torque and rpm's than Dremel-type rotaries that have almost no torque.

    What is the exact name or nomenclature of this type of machine and where could I find a used one? (I have to know the correct name of it to search auction sites and dental drilling unit doesn't do it.)

    Thanks for any help.
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    Personally, I've never heard of it called anything but a dentist's drill. Since the operation is pneumatic, I'd start with looking for that.
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  5. I really like the Foredom rotary tools. Heavy duty motors, interchangeable handpieces, very high quality. The model I have doesn't match the high-speed of a Dremel, but the 1/3 horsepower motor is awesome.
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