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Deployment of a Truss in Space

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    I am having trouble getting started with this problem, any advice would be great.

    A truss is attached to a hinge point in space (zero gravity), it must deploy from the stowed postition and rotate 123°. Attached to the hinge are 4 torsion springs which have a spring constant of 50 (in-lb)/turn and together have a starting torque 300 in-lbs. Also attached at the hinge is a damper to slow the speed down which has a value of 3900 (in-lb-radian)/second and the truss must overcome friction at the hinge which equals 30 in-lbs. The truss has a rotational inertia of 567,250.5 lbs-in^2. Assume angular velocity (ω) at time t=0 is 0. at Set up an equation to solve for position relative to time θ(t) and velocity relative to time v(t).

    must rotate: 123°
    spring starting torque: 300 in-lb
    friction: 30 in-lb
    damper: 3900 (in-lb-sec)/radian
    rotational inertia: 567,250.5 lbs-in^2

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution
    Can anyone tell me how to start this problem.
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