Depressed about school progress

Hi all. I've been lurking for a while, reading all I can on getting a Physics BS. I posted another thread in the Academic and Career Guidance on my hopeful 3-year plan. Unfortunately it seems like I don't have the time (4 more years) or money to get an applied physics degree. I just started a physics major and I'm now finishing up analytic trigonometry so I can take Calculus I and Physics I.

At my University all math before calculus is taken on a computer/online. I don't understand Trigonometry!!!!! I know you need it for calculus and is a prerequisite for calculus and thus the physics course. It's identities really that I don't understand at all. I can regurgitate the basic formula and move it around to get other identities, but when it comes to verifying and solving equations, I have no idea what I'm doing or what to do. I have to have the rest of my class finished by next friday. A major problem for me is social situations and being around anyone I don't know. I start sweating profusely from my head and forehead. Once I notice it, I get self conscious then that makes me sweat more. So its quite the circular problem. I tried going into the computer lab to work on it there and maybe get help, but there was a puddle on my desk after 5 mins and I was still dripping...

I really really want to go into space and be involved with exploration and building ships. But it seems like if I can't get this done in the next week, all my plans will burst and I won't be able to take any classes. :( I can't even imagine what calculus will be like let alone 300 and 400 level math and physics classes...

I think I can drop the class before the 4th of Aug. But if I do that, then I would need to drop out of school. If I drop out of school I don't have insurance or a place to live. I currently work for my parents at their Funeral Home. And I could always have a job there. But I never want to do that for my career, hence the degree. It seems like the only jobs I would be interested in would be aerospace careers. But that won't happen now.

Seems I've gotten myself into quite the situation. I don't wanna be a funeral director and I don't want a typical job. The answer seems clear to me now, like it always did when I was growing up.

I'm going to kill myself tomorrow in the Rocky Mountains. Hopefully no one will find my body. Bye Physics Forums.

Re: Done

One thing I do know personally, is that even despair is and can be temporary. --talk to someone --call someone ---


Re: Done

Why would dropping one class mean dropping out of school? Dropping classes is quite common.

If you're having a hard time with a class or two, get some tutoring. See a doctor about the excess sweating, it might actually be something that can be helped. Also, tell your tutor that you're very nervous and it makes you perspire, they will understand, and you in turn will be more comfortable knowing that they understand.
Re: Done

That is a really odd way to deal with dropping one class. I know I dropped many classes along the way, and made a major course change about 2 years into collage. Its really not a life altering event.
Re: Done

I'm going to kill myself tomorrow in the Rocky Mountains. Hopefully no one will find my body. Bye Physics Forums.

Why don't just practice some trigonometry instead of wasting time on rocky mountains ? :rolleyes:

And if possible, try sleeping less and working hard for few days!

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