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    Did you experience depresion?

    Yes I did, and I do. I failed most of the courses, I can't work any more, I can't concentrate, I can't like life. I just love life for small irregular peiods and I hate myself. I hate most of the people.

    I wanna kill myself. When you see that I am not writing any more, just pray for me, most probably I will be in the other world :( :cry:
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    See a doctor, get on medication. If that fails, try not to take anybody with you into the "other world".
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    please recognize that you are loved more than you can understand! this love is a resource provided to you for these situations.

    with assistance, there is nothing you can't overcome.

    having been there, i offer all my healing energy and prayers.

    olde drunk
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    Chronic depression is an inherited condition. Although it can be exasperated by environmental conditions, it is a genetic flaw in the neuro-transmitters for which a cure is currently being sought. End your pain, seek out medical attention immediately.
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    I would recommend suicide as a last resort.

    I will do it if things indefinitely continue to be depressing.
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    Your last post is truly upsetting. For your own sake and the sake of others who care about you, please see a psychiatrist soon. Life does not have to be that way.

    - Warren
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    From reading all your threads and posts, i think you really have some deep issues you need to work out with your self.

    String, killing yourself would just end your life, and everything you've achieved, and when i say achieved, i dont mean academically, i mean what YOU have achieved in life. Suicide is the coward way out.
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    Seeing a doctor is good advice. They can diagnose if the depression is clinical or not. Some people have an idea that if everyone eats Zoloft or Paxil then everyone will be happy. But a huge number of depressed people are depressed due to phycology, bad occurrences, personality etc. who have no chemical imbalance at all, at which point no SSRI could help.

    *Don't start with a physciatrist; go to a regular counseler or doctor first. If they truly believe you need one they will refer you. The phyciatrist will prescribe you an anti-depressent pretty much no matter what after they talk to you for a whole two minutes! They'll maybe give you some free samples too after they charge you a hundred bucks, they work for the drug companies.

    A word of caution to people who say that suicide is a coward's way out; please be wary of who you're saying it too. If someone has already had it with the rest of the world and everyone in it, this comment wouldn't help.

    I have been suicidal, it happens to me periodically. It's a different mindset that isn't necessarily logical, but it sure is hell. You want out. Somehow you know you have to hang in there, and some force pulls you through.

    Done! I have never met you, but I do care. It seems like everyone pretty much just cares about themselves, I'm dealing with that right now. But there's always unlikly people who do care about others.
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    As someone who has also experienced depression, I assure you that medical treatment can help.

    Is seeking help for "mental" problems considered shameful in your country? The answers here are mostly from Americans, and most Americans do not judge people badly for seeking such help. (I assume it is the same in Canada.)

    If you have a chemical imbalance in your neural chemistry, then it is NOT your fault. It does not make you worse than other people. Seeking medical help is worth it.

    Many of the suggestions above are based on the ways medical care is organized in the U.S. and may not be exactly the same in Turkey. From your profile, it appears you are a student at ODTÜ. According to their website there is psychological help available for students, but I can not read the details as they are in Turkish. I urge you to seek help. Don't give up!
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    Clinical depression is a very common problem, affecting more than 10% of all humans sometime in life. Since you have have several of the symptoms of clinical depression you should see a physician. A deep depression will respond poorly to psychotherapy and will need medication. Depressions have an excellent prognosis if treated, you will get better.
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    jimmy p

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    I suffer from on and off periods of depression, ranging from a feel of self loathing, down to a really deep hatred for my life and just about anything can make me cry or snap or go mental and trash my room. Lately I found that if I go out and try not to think of things, just constantly busying myself, then I dont suffer. I havent been depressed in about a month or so now, so it has to be working.
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    thank you very much :cry:
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    I still stand by my opinion. In certain circumstances, suicide really is the best option. I don't think any psychiatrist can help someone who's had therapy and drug treatment (e.g. tricyclic antidepressants, SSRI's, SNRI's etc.) for years without any success.

    Suicide isn't inherently evil or wrong, especially when it is simply ending misery. The ending of constant emotional pain can only be a good thing IMO. My family will get over the death a son they've already disowned within a day or so.
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    Depression always passes, it is most definitely temporary no matter how it may feel.

    And as others have said depression is extremely common in modern times, there are literally millions of people who have gone through it. I don't mean to make light of depression, it sucks BAD, but your not alone. Definitely get some help, therapy can work miracles though I know it may not feel that way. Your depression will pass I guarantee it but definitely get yourself some help and hang in there.
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    Now what do you advice?
    To go to the doctor or to take some medicals by myself?
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    What do you mean by taking 'medicals' by yourself?
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    Not always mate.
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    I do not want to go to the doctor. Just get some information from the internet or by somebody who gives assistance online and get the medicals...
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    And don't listen to bad boy blue. I have been both depressed and am currently in a class on depression. Suicide is very sad because depression is temporary. It is a state of suffering. Just like people who have been physically injured and don't want to live anymore, they get through it and you will too. But you need to seek help. I don't know anything about you except that you visit this forum and you like string theory and that all ready tells me you think differently than most people who don't come to forums like this, which is a great thing. I'm sure you have a lot to offer the world once you get back to being healthy, when the depression lifts you will be transformed. But seek help and don't be shy about your situation, depression isn't your fault it only makes you feel that way. You can go to your school and ask to see someone for help, that is what they are there for and they help people like you all the time.
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