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A Derivation Ekman transport

  1. Feb 9, 2017 #1


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    Hey guys,
    I need your help.
    We tried to derive the ekman transport in a lecture. The assumptions we made are
    1. constant density
    2. stationarity
    3. no horizontal pressure gradient and no horizontal velocity gradient
    4. no vertical velocity.
    So this is what the professor showed us:
    d25f6847fc.png 3d2520997e.png 6e170dae74.png f87c495a7b.png
    But is this correct ? I thought that from stationarity we get [itex]\frac{\partial}{\partial t}=0[/itex] instead of [itex]\frac{d}{dt} = 0[/itex].
    I would still get to the correct result using
    [itex]\frac{\partial u}{\partial x}=\frac{\partial v}{\partial x}=\frac{\partial v}{\partial y}=\frac{\partial v}{\partial x}=0[/itex] and [itex]w=0[/itex] in order to eliminate all terms on the left side of the equation.
    Can somebody help me ?
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