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Derivative of a matrix

  1. Apr 1, 2010 #1
    Hello :smile:

    I scratch my head on trying to express [tex]\partial_{x}[\det(\textbf{1}-\textbf{M})][/tex] , where [tex]\textbf{M}[/tex] is a square matrix whose elements depend on x, as an expression involving [tex]\textbf{M}[/tex] and/or [tex]\partial_{x}\textbf{M}[/tex].
    For instance, I have painfully noticed that it is not equal to [tex]\det(\textbf{1}-\partial_{x}\textbf{M})[/tex] :biggrin:

    Any help would be much apprciated :smile: TIA
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    This is the theorem I'm looking for exactly :)
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