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Homework Help: Derivative of an integral

  1. Nov 23, 2013 #1
    For the function F(x) = xx2∫(3t2 - 4/(1-t))dt find dF(x)/dx


    = d/dx [t3 - 4lnl 1-t l)]lx2x
    = d/dx [x6 + 4lnl 1-x2 l - x3 - 4lnl 1-x l
    = 6x5 - 8x/l1-x2l - 3x2 + 4/l1-xl

    This is what I got. I was hoping to hear feedback on whether or not it's correct. I'm also wondering if there's any other method to solve this problem. Thanks!
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    What you have doesn't appear to be quite right.

    This article explains the Leibniz Rule for various types of integrals.


    Scroll down to the section "Variable limits form" and use the formula there.
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