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Derivative of log(x^2+y^3) ?

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    Derivative of log(x^2+y^3) ???

    I'm familiar with the derivative of log x but not when x is raised to a power or when y is involved. Could someone offer some help? And if you know of a website that fully explains this please let me know. Thanks.
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    D H

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    What is the general rule for taking a derivative of something in the form f(g(x)) ?
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    I don't know, and I never will unless you tell me.
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    Do you have a calculus book? Have you ever used it? The derivative of a function of the form f(g(x)) is a very important topic and will certainly be covered in a calculus book, you shouldn't expect people to do your work for you.
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    Guess you'll never learn a damn thing.
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    Re: Derivative of log(x^2+y^3) ???

    chain rule my friend. chain rule
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    Re: Derivative of log(x^2+y^3) ???

    if x and y are both independent variable then you have to go for partial derivative.
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    D H

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    Re: Derivative of log(x^2+y^3) ???

    thenabforlife and amaresh92: I strongly suspect that the original poster has been able to solve this problem somewhere along the line during the 34 months that have transpired since posting the problem. If not, the OP has bigger problems than the kind of help you two are offering.

    Because sleeping threads should be left alone, I am locking this thread.
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