Derivative of sin^2x

  1. Hi.

    Please tell me where this reasoning is wrong, because I know it is but I can't see how.
    f(x) = sinx
    f ' (x) = cosx
    f(60) = sin 60
    f ' (60) = cos 60


    g(x) = sin 2x
    g'(x) = 2 cos 2x
    set x = 30
    then: g(30) = sin 60
    g'(x) = 2 cos 60


    f(60) = g(30)
    so f ' (60) = g'(30)
    i.e cos 60 = 2 cos 60
    thus: 1 = 2

    WHY!!!!! HOW!!!!!
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    The fact that two functions cross at a particular point does not mean that their derivative is the same.

    You could do the same thing with much simpler functions eg f(x)=x, g(x)=2x these cross at x=0 but they obviously don't have the same gradient.
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    Thank you. That is quite obvious, isn't it.
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    Try this one:


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    :wink: Ops!
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    Where did it go wrong algebraically?
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    I just told you! I boldfaced those parts.
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    Re: Derivative of sin2x

    Actually, you could just as easily say that at...

    x(x+1) = 0

    You could just as easily divide by (x+1) to get...

    x = 0.

    After all, the first equation in this post says that x is EITHER 0 or -1.

    And we know that it's zero.
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    Re: Derivative of sin2x

    If you do that you might miss out a solution.

    if ab=0, then either a=0 or b=0.

    if you just divide by a, you'll get b=0 only.
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    ^What he said. Doing that causes a missing solution. By the end, you should get x= -1 or 0. However, -1 is an extraneous solution. Therefore, you're stuck with x=0. Check out if you're confused.
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    Re: Derivative of sin2x

    Yeah, I know that...

    My point was that he missed a solution.
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    Re: Derivative of sin2x

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