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Homework Help: Derivative with respect to time ?

  1. Aug 31, 2004 #1
    derivative with respect to time ??

    ok i got a question that reads the accel of a marble is a certain liquid is given by the following equation: a=§ v^2
    where §=-4.8 and v> 0m/s the initial volociy is 1.72 m/s. how long will it take the marble's volocity to be reduced to half of it's initial which is 0.86 m/s?

    i think i have to take a derivative with repect to time to get the volocity equation and kinamatics doesn't work i can't just find the accel with the equation cuz the accel has an exponetial relation to volocity...i need hlep. i need to know how to take a derivative with repect to time, i can do derivative fine but with repect to time i;m stumped. HELP !!!!! :confused:
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    do you know the answer?
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    nm i got it dv/dt then integrate
  5. Sep 1, 2004 #4
    Try this a=(dv/dt) and put this in a=-4,8v^2. Then write all v's to one side and the t's to the other to get : (dv/(v^2))=-4,8dt and start integrating.

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