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Derivative x^x^x

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    i can solve x^x but adding this new x just confuses me any help will do, X^x^x
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    Do you mean (x^x)^x or x^(x^x)? I'm assuming the former.
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    sorry i meant x^(x^x)
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    Glad you picked that one. Get something like ln(y) = xxln(x) and use the product rule. Don't forget you already know d(xx)/dx :wink:
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    wow i never noticed that i was doing it a long way which would have come out wrong anyways. thanks for the help
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    ok ok
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    1. It is not at all imposible; note that this equals: [tex](x^{x})^{x}=x^{x^{2}}[/tex]
    Rewriting this as:
    We may readily differentate this by means of the chain rule, yielding the derivative:

    2. Please do not re-open nearly 6-year old threads.
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    ok ok
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