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Homework Help: Deriving a Maxwell Relation

  1. Nov 30, 2014 #1
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    1. Derive (∂U/∂P)V=-T(∂V/∂T)S

    2. I must use dU=TdS-PdV

    3. Derivations are my weakest part of math. I checked many wikis about Total differentials, partial derivatives, Maxwell relations and derivations. I can use the Thermodynamic Square, I know how to find different Maxwell relations but I am running in circles trying to derive this equation. Thanks to anyone who can help me out!

    (I am stale on my partial derivatives memory and I am failing to see how these potentials relate with these constants)
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    Can you find a Maxwell relation for the right-hand side?
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    Yes, I already solved this problem, thanks.

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