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Deriving Formulae

  1. Dec 4, 2006 #1
    Given the following formulaes prove that maximum speed (Vmax) of a mass on a spring is given by 2(pi)(frequency)(Amplitude)

    (constant k) A^2 = mv^2 + (constant k) x^2 ma = -(constant k)(x)

    f = 1/2(pi) sqrt (a/-x) and f = 1/2(pi) sqrt (constant k/m)

    i just dont see how i can make it work.... any suggestions?
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    You need to use carriage returns to put equations on separate lines. Extra spaces do not get included in posts.

    Start with 2(pi)(frequency)(Amplitude) and square it. Then make substitions.
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    What happens to the amplitude when the velocity is at its maximum?
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