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DEs to model food, oxygen, and hydroponic plants

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    Hello, I am completing a project for class. In this project, we need to use differential equations to model different subjects for a trip to mars. I was assigned Food, Oxygen, and plant growth. However, I need some help with the equations. I have a system of equations at the bottom, but where do I go from here? Thanks for any help!

    Mf- Food, Mo-Oxygen, Mh-hydroponic plants (for food and oxygen)

    ΔMf = -k Δt

    ΔMh = kMh Δt - a Δt

    ΔMh/ Δt = kMh-a

    Δt => 0

    dMh/dt = kMh -a

    ΔMf = -k Δt + a Δt

    ΔMf/ Δt= a - k

    Δt=> 0

    dMf/dt = a - k

    ΔMo = -k1 Δt -k2 Mh Δt

    ΔMo/ Δt = -k1 - k2 Mh

    Those will yield a system of equations...

    dMf/dt = a-k

    dMh/dt = kMh - a

    dMo/dt = -k1 - k2Mh
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