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Describing an aerospace job role at the entry level - help for career counseling

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    I am putting together a couple of profiles of different kinds of engineers based on the things they do. This is to help seniors in college decide whether they would want to pursue a career as an aerospace engineer. I'd like to know if this encapsulates at a broad level the things that an aerospace engineer gets to do, and the things they can learn going forward?
    Any comments, suggestions, corrections, etc are welcome as this would help in providing visibility to budding engineers.


    Basic Profile – Aerospace engineers work primarily on aeronautical and astronautical systems. Aeronautical engineering deals with the building of aircrafts, while astronautical engineering deals with the building of spacecrafts

    What an aerospace engineer does?
    • Formulation of the conceptual designs of aeronautical and astronautical systems and products. These systems can include the electrical systems of an aircraft, the power system of a spacecraft, components like the wing, functionality like the maximum range of a missile.
    • Conducting various operational tests such as environmental and stress tests on prototypes
    • Resolving customer technical issues with aircrafts and spacecrafts
    • Coordinating personnel for designing, fabricating, modifying and testing various components keeping in mind costs and deadlines
    • Developing design criteria for aerospace components which include the entire development process – quality standards, testing methods, production methods

    Career pathways for an aerospace engineer
    Engineers -> Technical Specialists -> Supervisor -> Engineering Manager
    Engineers -> Technical Specialists -> Sales

    What an aerospace engineer learns on the job apart from enhancing engineering skills
    • Learns how to communicate ideas across multiple component teams
    • Learns how to troubleshoot on customer complaints and gains an understanding of various systems from operating manuals
    • Learns how to incorporate and pay attention to detail into engineering plans
    • Learns how to manage multiple teams building large projects
    • Learns how to communicate with clients to gain an understanding of their requirements

    Hoping to hear from the community
    Thank you
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