Desiging Rfid reader

  1. Hi to all, I am looking for suggestions and help

    I already have Rsk board (TRH031M reader for 13.56MHz rfid, ISO 14442A)

    i am planing to design or build a Rfid reader using RFID tags(ISO 14442A).

    I am looking at building the small transformer that links rfid reader. I need some suggestion and ideas...........!
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  3. berkeman

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    When you say transformer, do you mean the antenna?

    TRH031M info (some in Korean)

    Google search on 13.56MHz RFID antenna:

  4. berkeman

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  5. Thanks for the reply, well i need to relate the transformer to make reader. why the coupling of a passive HF-RFID tag can fundamentally be modelled using transformer theory
  6. Aim of the mini project is to design a reader that detects the 13.56 Mhz tags by simple transformer theory
  7. berkeman

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    Have you read the link in my post #3? Do you have any specific questions about it?
  8. Well, it was the usefull information.. now i need to design a antenna coil, which should make up resonance frequency 13.56 MHz. if possible can you suggest any site or design.. to make antenna coils.
  9. berkeman

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    Have you read through the Google search hit list that I posted in Post #2? There appeared to be a number of useful sites.
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