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Homework Help: Design a human-powered machine

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    I would like a few ideas about a project of mine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Design a human-powered machine of some kind. Describe the simple machines used in your design, and tell what each of these machines does.

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    uh... thats quite vague. anything at all?
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    whell u should be a bit more specific
    ur level of ability
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    It doesn't sound like a design project but rather a description of simple machines. There are a lot of human powered machines: Bicycles, airplanes, helicopters, boats, submarines, cutting machines, sewing machines, lifting machines, digging machines.

    Does your machine need to be used for locomotion or just a human powered machine in general? Do you know what the simple machines are? If so, any machine you envision can be broken down into an aggregate of simple machines.
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    I have been very successful with my work bike fabrication and would like to invite you to my web page...... www.pedalpowerbiketaxi.com[/URL] ........to take a look at the opportunities we have created for many to use in the new world of Human Powered Alternative Vehicles. Just hit the Work Bike Fabrication Links.....and enjoy the revolution!

    James Simpson

    ps.....let me know if you need some assistance with your projects......we are heading to Smith College to design a Work Bike for food delivery on campus, in place of a van, and will be a contestant in the Vehicle Design Summit at MIT this year.
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    Sorry to say, but your website link doesn't seem to work.

    Here is a website which has some interesting information on human powered machines, and their history: http://www.lowtechmagazine.com/2011/05/pedal-powered-farms-and-factories.html
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