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Construction Design, build, wire and electrify your small model house

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    I gotta construct a home, but I am lost of what to do for the measurements and how many floors and such.

    You will design, build, wire and electrify your small model house
    You will solder and cut wire. You will attach a ceiling fan, motor, light bulbs, outlet and switches into circuits and wire them to your fuse box. ( which acts as a circuit breaker )

    House Project Requirements:
    1) The required number of rooms in your house: one bedroom, one kitchen, one living room, one dining room, one bathroom and one hallway.
    2) your group will be given two sheets of foam core board. The boards are 24" by 36" and are 3/4" thick. Make sure that the house fits into the storage space.
    3) The bedroom must have one light, one switch and one outlet
    4) the living room must have a ceiling fan, one outlet and one switch.
    5) the dining room must have a chandelier with two lights in series, one switch and one outlet.
    6) the hallway must have one light and two switches ( one at each end ) to turn the hall light on and off from each end. no outlet is needed
    7) the kitchen must have a light, switch and outlet. The outlet must be ground faulted
    8) the bathroom must have a light, switch and outlet. the outlet must also be ground faulted. the kitchen and bathroom outlets can be tied together and then ground faulted onto the circuit breaker box
    9) the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or hall must use an additional light and wire it in parallel to required light. It is your team choice on which room will have the extra light.
    10) each outlet is 2 amps. Each light is 1.5 amps. one circuit must hold 20 amps or less to prevent overheating and the shut-off of the circuit breaker.
    11). any additional rooms constructed will not use electrical parts.
    12). your time will receive 7 light bulbs, 5 outlets, 7 switches, 1 circuit breaker (fuse box), one motor for the ceiling fan, wire and tools.
    13) You will use a soldering iron, glue gun, tools, solder and glue sticks to complete the project
    14) you will use multimeter to measure the voltage, current and resistance of each circuit in your house

    ** For extra credit your group can add a motor for an elevator or garage door opener and wire each to reverse. Your team can also wire the ceiling fan so it reverses. A doorbell can also be added.
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