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Design cascade buck converter

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    i want to design cascade buck converter,but i'm kinda confuse about the controller that i'll use for the converter...there are 2 options, i make the controller independent from 1 converter to another, or i just make the controller dependent, it means that i have only 1 controller for all converter..any suggestion for that??
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    I'd be inclined to use 2 separate controllers, but synchronize them. If they have independent clock rates, there could be some stability issues. Alternately, just use good filtering between them to keep the ripple low going into the 2nd stage.
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    Some controllers come equipped with sync-in and sync-out leads.
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    thanx for the reply...i think i'll go with separate controllers but synchronize them..

    does anyone has reference that i could read about cascade converters..cause usually people don't use cascade converter since its controllers that a little bit complex,so it's difficult to find the reference..
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