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Design ideas

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    design ideas !!!!

    hi guys

    I am new to this but i am enjoying it.I am trying to make a project on generating light from human power eg. if some one is running on the trade mill we can attach device that generate X no of bulbs for Y time.any ideas pls!!!
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    Are you saying that you want to hook up a generator to a treadmill?
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    Welcome to PF, Nim.
    Anything that a person can cause to move is capable of generating electricity. If you're looking for the best efficiency, I'd seriously consider using a stationary bike rather than a treadmill.
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    The bike would certainly work and pretty easily at that. Keep in mind you're probably only gonna produce maybe 200W.
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    yes i had that thot in mind but i used trdae mill as en example and if according to TVP 45 i can generate 200w thats a good enough for me to light 5 bulbs of 40 watts but any more indepth discussion welcome
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    Generally speaking, a human-powered device will be more efficient if that human is sitting down. That way, none of the potential energy is wasted for the purpose of standing up against gravity.
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    Are there any specific requirements for the amount of illumination, and/or the voltage potential?
    You can achieve considerably higher efficiency in using LEDs, rather than household incandescent bulbs.
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