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Design of high pressure feed water heater in power pant

  1. Nov 13, 2011 #1
    hai to all..
    i want to design a shell and tube heat exchanger feed water heater,
    can anyone please do the problem for me
    this is my problem
    shell and tube heat exchanger
    data given
    Inlet steam flow rate =5.060 t/hr
    Inlet steam flow temperature=252.8°C
    Outlet steam flow temperature=129.9°C
    inlet pressure of steam = 8.669 ata
    feed water flow rate =60t/hr
    feed water inlet flow temperature=121.3°C
    feed water outlet flow temperature=169.3°C
    shell side steam
    tube side water
    can in know how to take the phsical properties of steam
    will anyone please do the problem and send me the file...
    my email kumars876@gmail.com
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