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Design of pressure vessel

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    I have been asked to design a pressure vessel and the data given to me for the problem is -
    content -oil of density 0.9 g/ cm3.
    material with ultimate tensile strength of 70,000 psi.
    factor of safety 3.
    volume 50 m3.
    How do I calculate the internal pressure and diameter, which I will need to calculate the shell thickness.The relation between length and diameter is not given.Also, is the data given to me insufficient to design the pressure vessel?
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    Designing pressure vessels safely requires considerable technical knowledge and experience and they have to be designed to conform a pressure vessel design code .

    ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel code is used in many countries .

    In any case you have not been given enough basic information to start the design process .

    If this is a real design exercise then you will need to get professional help . If this is an academic exercise then we can discuss the principles involved a bit more if you wish .
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    this is an academic exercise
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    OK .

    First thing we need is the working pressure . You really need to be given this in the specification but if you have no guidance at all we'll use a fictional but realistic value for the type of pressure vessel under consideration .

    Are we looking at :

    (1) A simple storage tank where the only pressure comes from gravity acting on the contained oil ?

    (2) A process vessel of some sort where pressure is probably going to be much higher ?

    Only you can decide .
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    A pressure vessel
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