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Design of Spiral Spring

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    does anyone know how to design a spiral spring. i need to design a spiral spring for my project but cant find the theory to design it. i am more concerned with the no of revolutions that a spring can give. Also i need to have a controlled unwinding ie it should release its energy slowly. Anyone knows any mechanism that will solve the problem.
    Plz tell me of any ebook or any authors name.
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    Welcome to PF, Penpepper.
    I'm afraid that I can't help you with the spring design, but there are lots of others here who can.
    As for the unwinding, does it just have to be slow, or slow and steady? If the former, any sort of clockwork escapement such as a Geneva wheel would work. If steadiness is required, I'd consider adding a flywheel to the system.
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    Power spring design can be very complicated. There are some simple formulas that can approximate turns and full torque. These are available in various books and journals. For more design details as well as software that can predict power spring design accurately visit http://www.spiral-spring.com" [Broken]
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