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Design Patterns

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    so, design patterns: worth taking a look into it, or a dead-end street?

    I thought it sounded very interesting, but then I read this on Wikipedia:

    Any thoughts from people with more expertise?
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    If you're into OO, you should check it out. Design patterns address common situations that challenge OO principles. The standard book is by the "Gang of Four", called "Design Patterns". It has stuff that any OO designer should know, if for no other reason than vocabulary. It ain't gonna end hunger, but it might keep you from reinventing the wheel.

    CS people love to tell you how they used Lisp to solve all the world's problems thirty years ago, a hundred times better than you ever could, and they can prove it to boot. So how come the world has problems? And 30,000,001 unreadable emacs scripts?
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    “Pattern” as the name suggests, means series of events occurring in a definite order. The patterns can be found in Java and J2ee technologies also. Many a times, we find that there is a particular way of tackling a problem. This way is easy and has been used many times successfully by a number of people earlier also. This method becomes a pattern.
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