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Design preperation for metal molding

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    Hello everybody

    I have designed two small metal pieces (approx 30x30 mm) currently in 3D design that I now want to prepare for production by casting/molding. They are both intended for mass production hence price is a big concern, even the very small designchanges that may lead to reduction of price. However my knowledge concerning metal casting/molding method is very limited and I therefore plan to consult some experts in this field.

    But before I will contact a firm about this, it would be so nice to gain better understanding of the method myself, and possible eliminate the very most bad designed or esxpensive areas.

    I therefore need some design guidelines, best practices, collected experiences, rules of thumb or the like about metal casting and molding of small pieces. The goal is to make the part as easy to mold and as cheap to mold. Any litterature/web references/videos etc. with useable guidelines are very much appreciated.


    PS Considerations for the parts could be about Roundings, Fillets, Holes, Threads, Distances to edges, Shrinkage, Material selection. I do not expect to be able to compete with experienced guys in this field, but just the basic understanding and elimination of flaws and errors would be very nice.
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