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Design Project: automated machine to pick up and sort tool hardware

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    For my senior design project, we have to create an automated system that can go into a room and pick up hardware off the floor (screws, nails, bolts, etc) and be able to sort them efficiently.

    As of now, we have come up with a roomba-like system that roams the room with a dust-pan/sweeper to pick up the objects and a system of conveyor belts within the machine.

    The problem is coming across a pile of screws and nails. If multiply objects come in at once, they must be separated in order for us to have the program use image processing to recognize which object it actually is.

    We have a conveyor belt that will lead the objects to a vibrating corrugated ramp that will help to separate the objects and dispense them (more) separately onto another conveyor belt. The second conveyor belt will then have the image processing center and have actuators to move the parts into their respective areas.

    Any other ideas?
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