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Design refinement

  1. Mar 23, 2010 #1
    basically i am looking to build the grey components of this, its a bolt on unit that will allow you to drag the gold legs around using a cordless drill. you plug a standard cordless drill in at the top, (the bracket is symbolic and not representative) this drives the long rod which in turn drives the wheels. the second rod which goes from the back of the drill to the edge of the unit steers it. i have tried to show you how this works in the pictures.

    essentially i need to gear the thing down from 1000rpm from the drill to 60 rpm on the wheels but also transmit 120Nm of torque. i can either use the gearing system shown or a worm gear?

    also i need to find a CV joint small enough but capable enough of coping with it.

    does any of that make sense? lol? any ideas thanks guys

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