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Homework Help: Designing a buoy teather

  1. Sep 17, 2012 #1
    Consider a buoy in the form of a vertical right circular cylinder of outside diameter (D) of 8 feet, and
    height (H) of 12 feet. The buoy is a hollow cylinder formed of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP)
    that is ½-inch thick. The buoy is to be placed in a large river and tethered to the bottom by a cable
    that is 80 feet long. The cable is supposed to snap if the water depth exceeds 90 feet. Compute the force on the cable at different river depths and the force at which
    the cable should be designed to snap. Create a graph of cable force as a function of river depth. I'm totally lost. No idea where to begin.
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    Hi welcome to physicsforums. :smile:
    However, isn't that a homework question? Please look under Thread / Thread Starter of:

    Homework questions go here:
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    I remember getting this same question in 9th grade in 1971, but it was a steel buoy. I answered it "not enough information." I went on to explain that I needed the river current. This would obviously be at flood stage, where the component of line tension caused by the current may dominate over buoyant forces. The teacher gave me full credit.
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