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Designing a go cart

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    Hi, i am a student of bachelors of mechanical engg. (2nd year). I want to build a go cart. But i don't know the basics. I don't know a thing about automobiles. I am learning the catia software for designing. But i don't know what kind of "calculations for go cart" must be required to design the cart in catia. I have to start from zero level. I want to know how to do calculations for the cart and design the chassis frame and decide the dimensions and all the other stuff (eg. steering, brakes, suspension etc.). Please suggest me where to start from.
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    Im no expert in design programs but I'd say pen and paper is the way to go. Just sketch a basic chassis and you can map out the torque and max speed, agility and what not.
    I would assume if the program was worth it's wait in gold, it has a button where it automatically generates a chassis, based on what stats and parameters you give it, like how large you want the engine to be and how much torque you want the car to be able to steer. The thing to remember is that you always have to field test, things in real life are only 90 percent of what they are like on a computer, for instance the parts may be poorly calibrated and functioning incorrectly, or there may be hidden factors the computer forgot to compute.
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    Is this for a school project? Or a personal project on your own?

    Do you know anybody local to you who may know a lot about vehicle design and construction? You should probably try to find a local mentor who can help you learn from the basics.
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