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Designing a heat proof cabinet

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    heat protection

    Help. I need help in designing a "safe" that gives me heat and fire protection. I will be using an skins of steel and need help in selecting core materials. I am trying to protect electronic media so the heat gain inside has to be close to minimal. We are also trying to keep overall wall thickness to 3" or less.

    I have looked at a 1/16" steel, 1/2" gysum, 1" of Thermafiber Kfac SR (http://www.thermafiber.com/PDFs/TF668c.pdf [Broken]), 1" of foam insulation, 1/2" gypsum and an inner skin of 1/16" steel. This is not so much a safe but a data protection cabinet.

    Thanks for your help.

    Tom Fischetti
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