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Designing a Magnetic Circuit

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    For a cyclotron application, I want to make a magnetic circuit using permanent magnets.

    The attachment shows a diagram of the circuit. It has two neodymium magnets "in series" and mild steel bars extend to duct the circuit around to two disk shaped pole pieces (red and blue). The diagram is basically to scale and the cross-section of the bars is 2 inches square.

    I'm most interested in the strength and uniformity of the field at the red and blue pole disks which has a 1.5" gap. My goal is to get 10,000 gauss field at the pole disks. If the magnets are N50 with a Br rating of 14,500 gauss would I have a chance of achieving my goal?

    Is there software that would let me plug in this geometry and make estimates of the field strength and its uniformity? (Note: a friend directed me to MEEP, which I'm currently exploring)



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