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Designing a Mechatronics-style Program?

  1. Aug 14, 2006 #1
    I'm currently set to enter an engineering program at a college nearby next fall. The college has mechanical, electrical, and software engineering programs, but no mechatronics program. Unfortunately, I really do not have the option to attend another college that does have this program (for financial and family reasons). I have been using the last year at my current college to get a basic sampling of the engineering and science fields (mostly intro courses) and to get the basic math and science courses out of the way (and will contnue to do so through the next two semesters and the next summer). This along with prior-learning credit for classes/trainig in the service have opened up a lot of space on my course schedule (most of my general/core reqs are fulfilled already). I'm currently set to enter the EECE program on a 4 year plan with technical electives focusing on robotics and control systems, however if I extend it to a 5 year plan I open up even more space for technical electives and a minor. Mechatronics is what I am really interested in, and I'm wondering what other areas of EE, ME and SE I should try to include so as to design a comparable program (my EECE-Robotics program already includes some basic ME/SE)?

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