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Designing a microwave cavity

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    Hi all,

    I need a proper software for designing microwave cavities. I intend to use simple base geometries (e.g. closed box) with some modifications, like holes for optical access or for feeding the MW. These modifications however may seriously affect the Q factor, the frequency or might prevent some modes to develop etc. and I need to control these issues.

    I would like to ask for a recommendation. Which software should I use? Any suggestions will be appreciated!
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    Sounds like a job for one of Ansoft's products. A quick search of "Ansoft microwave cavity" reveals many papers on the subject. They indicated that researchers use HFSS for simulating cavities.
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    Thank you, I'll look into it! Just out of curiosity: do you know any open source alternative?
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    google "open source 3d solver". I have no experience with any 3D solvers though.
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