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Designing a pulse generator

  1. Jul 24, 2006 #1
    This is not homework please do not move it to the homework section.

    I need a pulse generator for an experiment I want to conduct at home... but I dont have that kind of money so I am trying to design and build one.

    I am trying to see if the type of pulse generator I need is even feasible for me to build.

    I would like to calculate how much energy and power the pulse generator would use in ideal conditions when in continous operation. The shape of the pulse will be just one crest of a cosine/sine wave .../''\... I know the shape of this wave as current vs time. The resistance of the wire the pulse will be sent down is unknown as well as the voltage. These pulses will be in the Ghz range I do not know if ohms law is viable. Also I dont know what happens if I use a superconductor so my resistance drops to 0 and how this effects the energy requirements.

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