Designing a timing device.

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Hi guys,


There are 2 relays, A and B that needs to be controlled (24V)

And a signal generating device that composes of a push button and an adjustable mechanism for timing delay between the 2 signals. (this is what I want to design)


I want to design a device that, when I press the push button, relay A is activated for 1 second. Meanwhile, relay B is activated after a delay (of 150~300ms adjustable) after relay A is activated. Relay B also activates for 1 second.

Does anyone know if there are avaliable electronic products that will aid me for this purpose?
Such as an "adjustable delay timer" etc.


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  • #2 has a ton of timing relays.
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Thanks Proton, but I looked through mcmaster, the timing relays are in the range of second~hours while I need a delay in the order of milliseconds.

Secondly I think I don't need a timing "relay". I want to control my relay with a time delay device.
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oh, yeah, milliseconds is pretty fast for what they have. i think i would start looking at designing something with 555/556 timers and some logic gates.
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Here's a good place to start for using" [Broken].
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