Designing axial compressors

In summary, the conversation discusses the creation of a small jet turbine from scratch, with a desired two-stage compressor. The speaker is seeking guidance on how to design the compressor and turbine stages, as well as determine the blade angles and turning angle. They also mention the importance of using the right materials and provide links to resources for further information on gas turbine engines.
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Hey guys and gals! first time poster so be gentle...I'm wanting to make a small jet turbine from scratch but I am totally baffled by how to design the compressor and turbine stages for compressing the air and extracting power from the exhaust gas to drive the compressor.

i would ideally like a two stage compressor with a compression ratio of about 2, although the higher the better (but no more than two stages) and an blade diameter of 20 cm.
Im having difficulty with the blade angles. As iv never done aerodynamics before i need a dummies guide on how to derive the angles of the blades from compression ratio and blade diameter (if that's possible).

also can someone explain what the "turning angle" of the blade is?

any information on this is much appreciated!
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Start of with the right material for the blades. Use something similar to inconel. Google cutaway diagrams for a simple looking design. I always wonder how to start them myself. Sort of an odd machine to begin with.
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Check out this link:
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41k Euros, steep!

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