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Designing of Cascade Cooler

  1. Mar 22, 2006 #1
    Hi Experts :smile:

    Finally I think I found the correct space to assist me from experts.

    I need urgent help from u pp about the Cascade Cooler.

    We r doing a project in our college as final year BE, Mechanical students in India. We have choosen to Design the Cascade cooler which is used in Air seperation (Oxygen/Nitrogen) Plant before a Chilling Unit.

    This cascade cooler uses dry N2 to cool the water which is already inside the tank then this cooled water cools the air which flowing through the coil placed inside the tank. See below:


    This is a Cascade Cooler tank

    in actual use

    N2 comes from top left yellow pipe and after entering second side taken out from right yallow pipe.

    Now what we want is its design procedure
    1. Design of tank (h,t,w,b)
    2. Design of coils (D outer, D inside, L, No of turns)
    3. Design of Flanges (Not imp, but 1 and 2 r imp)

    Pls if know something abt it pls give link here or post it here

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    eng-tips doesn't like student questions from what I've seen
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