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Designing templates for forums

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    The new design here made me want to redesign my boring standard phpBB look. How would I go about testing the new look without having to actually make the changes on the site? A sort of demo. In the admin panel for phpBB, there are certain basic fields I can edit to change the basic color scheme of the forum, but do I need to do manual code editing for the best outcome?

    Any suggestions or links would be helpful.

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    You could run phpbb on your own computer. All you need to install is Apache.


    Then load up phpbb and make your changes. Once your done just upload it to your live webserver.
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    Yes it's a great idea. You can have the templates. Even no need to buy those things. see http://myacetemplates.net [Broken] here you can download lots of templates by free. Even they are making regular updates also.
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