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Homework Help: Desperate for a help

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    Desperate for a help!!!

    Ok , I have a test tomorrow and I can't seem to answer this question:
    In doing a lab using Atwood's Machine would the acceleration have been different if we used an initial velocity? What variable would be changed if we used intial velocity?(displacement, accelaration,time, etc...)

    In doing the lab we used the equation a=2d/t(sqr) I know that with inital velocity the equation is d=Vot+1/2at(sqr)

    I think it does change the acceleration, but I am not sure.
    Please if anyone can help me with this, I have researched and read and I can't seem to find an explanation!
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    If there's initial velocity [different of 0], obviously the acceleration equation used in lab will be incorrect.
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    Does it change the displacement,time and acceleration or just time and accleration?
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