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B Destabilize Gyroscope

  1. Mar 13, 2016 #1
    When a Gyroscope is Running, How much Force need to apply it to destabilize(change in the orientation of the rotational axis, say 30 degrees from the original position) the gyroscope ?.

    For Example. When a Iron Wheel of diameter 30 cm and 10kg rotating at a speed of 1 rotation/sec in a gyroscope. How much Force need to apply to destabilize the Gyroscope.

    Source: My Own Porblem, need to understand, now to tackle this problem.
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    You must define "destablilize". If you mean "precess" then any amount of force, no matter how small, applied anywhere but in line with the spin axis, will cause the gyroscope to begin precessing.
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    Thanks billslugg. I added the meaning of destabilize.
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    See #2 above.
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