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Destroying of my post

  1. Apr 26, 2007 #1
    Hello, is the thread "emperors new clothes in physics" I started in philosphy forum going to be destroyed or not? I mean, I would like it to be destroyed.

    I'm not an arrogant high school student, and there was not incorrectness in my example. russ_watters made a mistake in judging me, and now that thread is embarrasing to me.
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    It looks like the thread has already been locked. Also, I don't think there was anything there judging you, actually, I think Russ' comments were intended to help encourage you in your learning.

    Looking at the thread in question, it never did spark much in the way of philosophical discussion, so if this is a request to have it deleted instead of just locked, we can probably accomodate that. Just make it clear that is your wish.
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    Yes, this is precisly what I meant. I would prefer destroying and not (only) locking.

    I've considered returning to the specific problem of kinetic energies in a new thread in the Classical Physics forum, where it would be more approriate. In the original thread it would have been off topic too badly.
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    I apologize if I was too harsh and in fairness I did just skim your example and miss part of it....

    I probably should have brought this up for discussion in the Mentor's forum after your request. I have no objection to deleting the thread.
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    I'm not considering this anymore, since there does not seem to be any disagreement on this matter.

    I guess the fate of the thread was to get locked one way or another anyway, since it would have probably attracted other "wild minds" of the PF sooner or later. Too dangerous topic to try to talk about in the internet.

    There does not seem to be any conflict at all anymore, but the existance of the thread is still sligthly unpleasant for me.

    btw. What does it mean, when the locking symbol shows black and white?
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    Okay, the thread has been deleted.
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    This must have been a confusing case, but anyway, thanks for flexibility and understanding! :smile:
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    Not too confusing, just the weekend interrupted me from following up after responding earlier. Glad it's all settled and we can move on.
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