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Destruction of our universe through collision with parallel

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    I was just thinking if big bangs in other universes are created by collision of other universes and merging then splitting apart, I was thinking, could be possible that our universe could just suddenly be destroyed by our universe colliding with a one of our parallel universe in a sea of other bubbles. So at anytime our existence could just be voided as another big bang is created from the merger of our universe with another. Just a thought, would like clearing up.
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    I do not belive they can destroy each other by bumping and such. Think of each one as a different cell in your body expanding, bumping, createing new ones. They are very similar. Just as once cell doesn't combine with another when they bump, there isnt any threat of this. Each cell contains it's whole part, and that part isnt affected by such common daily activities.
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    On page 223 of Parallel Worlds, Michio Kaku gives some insight into this part of the theory:
    I think that it would be reasonable to conclude from this picture that if membranes collided with each other, the repercussions would be felt all throughout the universe in a generally unwelcome manner. Although bubbles don't merge with each other, perhaps bubble membranes of this magnitude do create negative effects (i.e., massive heat explosion from the collision) within themselves. Cells are certainly not the same as bubble universes.
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    I don't even beleive in parallel universes. How can it be proven? Can we get there? Is it tangible?(you know what I mean. Can we get there and live in it?) Until we can prove that there are parallel universes, I would stop worrying about us all dying in the blink of an eye. That's not how this is going to throw down.
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    Some people believe in the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics because they have convinced themselves that it is the only rational way to deal with the problems of "the collapse of the wave function" aka the projection postulate. Whether many-worlds approach is a rational response is something reasonable people can differ on.

    As for any other multiverse idea, including infinitely many inequivalent string theory vacua, there isn't even that much reason to believe it.
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    The parallel universe theory is the only thing that can explain why our part of the universe is so finely tuned as to allow intelligent life to exist even though there is no direct evidence. According to recent speculation gravity can be felt between membranes and therefore large masses from adjacent membranes could have unpleasant results.
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