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Destruction of the human environment.

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    new ice age in europe

    Does anyone know approx how long it will take for the gulf stream to be interrupted and europe's climate be simmilar to that of canada at the same latitude?
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    Nobody knows the answer to those questions. It is speculated that the Arctic fresh meltwater may overflow the THC and prevent it from its normal evaporation, getting more saltier and denser and sink into the deep.

    First of all, the Thermohaline current (THC) may have more than this one engine. Second, the meltwater may dip instead of the THC water as happens right now with the Antarctic meltwater. Third even if the THC shuts down, it is unclear how it would affect the weather in Europe. The warm summer of this year may have been caused by an exception cool Antlantic ocean that prevented low pressure areas from forming. So Europe may warm up instead of cooling down, at least in Summer time.
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