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Details of logarithmic calculations?

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    From where I can get the details of lograthmic calculations?How the values are found?and on what basis?
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    Do you want to know for instance how [tex]\log{3}[/tex] is found? That kind of calculation?
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    Actually I want to know this:We know that log{2} is 0.3010.How it is calculated?
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    I would have the same question + how cosines are calculated.
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    There are a variety of ways.

    The simplest is to use "Taylor's Series". It can be shown, in Calculus, that for x between 0 and 2, ln(x)= (x-1)- (1/2)(x-1)2+ (1/3)(x-1)3-...- ((-1)n/n)(x-1)n+... That infinite series does not converge very fast but it will give close to the correct value eventually.
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