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Detect Gravitational Waves with LISA

  1. Dec 23, 2004 #1
    The LISA experimental setup is going to measure, or try and detect Gravitational Waves:http://lisa.jpl.nasa.gov/TECHNOLOGY/challenges.html [Broken]

    I have been thinking about an experiment that Farady done in the RI lecture of some years ago, I recall a picture of Farady dropping cannonballs from the RI roof and hoping to detect Gravity Waves, is it possible that LISA, can be configured in space, so that the path of the moon transverse's through the centre of the three laser-crafts, and thus detect the Moons Gravitational Signal?

    What I am asking is it possible to recreate Faraday's Experiment using the moon instead of cannonballs?

    I have another idea of a really precise 'gravity' measurment that LISA may be able to produce, but Iam a little cagey on some minor details, I am going to spend some time after the hols investigating the whole project, in the meantime I would like some knowledgable feedback on the LISA experiment, happy holidays, if your still working?..congratulations!
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