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Medical Detect QRS Complex of ECG

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    i read ecg byte array from file.now i want to detect QRS of read ecg byte. how can i acheive this in java.Is there any generalized formula or any thing from where i can easiliy calculate this?

    i get byte array from Lifegain defibrilator(an ecg device).i draw ecg on android from these bytes.now i want to detect QRS complex(term used for calculation of time and voltage of a wave of one heart beat).DATA=LeadData":"-284,-127,-122,17,-35,10,32,10,52,16,49,33,38,69,70,58,45,93,47,88,58,90,149,5,82,-12,-4,40,-34,29,-29,5,-4,-17,-13,-29,-13,-4,-9,-9,-10,-20,-15,-22,-32,-25,-23,-2,-15,-7,-13,-19,-17,-28,-27,-27,-33,-20,-16,-13,-20,-10,-22,-20,-19,-28,-15,-19,-22,-21,-9,-3,-6,-8,-6,-11,-8,-8,-5,-10,-5,-6,-9,-4,-6,3,20,3,14,7,11,10,5,11,5,10,2,10,13,14"

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    Can you assume that the EKG rhythm is a normal sinus rhythm? Or do you need to accommodate the various dysrhythmias? Finding the QRS complex in some dysrhythmias can be quite a challenge for software (if the QRS complex is there at all)...


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    Which lead are you using? Interpreting an ECG depends on which lead is being used. Most people are familiar with lead I, but there can be up to 6 leads used for diagnostic purposes.
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    I am using lead 2 of ecg to get data.
    i have searchd on it alot and found some code project also. For reference http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/4353/ECG-recording-storing-filtering-and-recognition
    but i think it save data in its particular format.my data format is not compatible with its format.so this software does not detect QRS from my Data file/Array.my data array is like

    i s there any standerd fromat for ecg data storage.so that that can be compatible for all.


    Shah Khalid.
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