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Deteriming resonant frequencies

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    I am stumped on how exactly to do this.

    I have the function: T(s) = 7/s(s^2+6s+58)

    I need to change this to T(iω) and i being a complex root.

    This creates: T(iω) = 7/(ωi*(ω^2+6iω+58))

    I know I need to plot this function and find out where omega peaks and this will be my resonant frequence.

    My only problem is I dont know how to plot this.

    I've got a TI-89, Excel, or matlab if anyone knows how to do this in either of those.

    Please let me know.

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    The circuit will be resonant if there are no real losses. In order for there to be no real losses, the circuit response must be entirely imaginary. Do some algebra to separate the real and imaginary parts, then equivalate the real par to zero. Then try solving it.
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    For some reason, I still cant get anything to come out of what you suggested. I understand what you are saying but its just not working.

    Anyone have other comments that might help?

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