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Determination of elementary charge (Millikan Oil Droplet)

  1. Jun 8, 2012 #1
    In one experiment, Millikan found that the charge Q on a particular drop had the following values at various times. (An arbitrary unit is used)

    6.87 x 10-9
    4.44 x 10-9
    8.37 x 10-9
    5.39 x 10-9
    1.97 x 10-9
    2.96 x 10-9

    Use these results to find a value for the electron charge(in A.U)

    So basically my teacher taught us how to do it using calculations:
    1. Finding smallest difference
    2. Divide each by smallest to find n
    3. e = ƩQ/Ʃn

    But it's not working. I can;t get it work.

    Please help.
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