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Homework Help: Determine a mass

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    1.Determine the mass of a rim type flywheel who’s mean radius is 75mm. If it travels a distance of 1000 revolutions when a torque of 100Nmm is applied. To travel this distance the fly wheel accelerates from rest to a speed of 600RPM.

    I have no idea where to start on this one! Please could anyone advise?
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    You sure you transcribed the question right? The phrasing and terminology seem a little screwy. Traveling a distance? Where? How?

    Anyhow, you probably need to start looking at angular momentum. There is your start.
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    HNCMATHS: Start by finding and listing relevant equations, such as here, here, and here; and start plugging in the given parameters. List relevant equations, and show your work. And then someone might check your math. Hint 1: Note that rg = r.
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